There are several different types of hunters in the world. There are some who will go out on foot and track animals down. There are others who will sit and wait patiently in the bushes or up in trees till an animal crosses their path. Than there are those who will set up traps in the hopes that it will attract the animal they are trying to catch.

Trapping For Fur

There are those who will trap in order to gather fur. This was more common in the early days of North America when the settlements were still being colonized. Trading furs between settlers and the local Indians was very common and it was a great way for them to barter for supplies or to make money.

Today trapping is still a profession in certain parts of the world – but few people will do it as a full time job. The price of fur has decreased dramatically over the years and cost of it has increased. This makes it a less lucrative business.

Trapping For Food

A great deal of people will use various forms of traps as a way for them to catch food. They will do research into the ones that are legal and learn just how easy it might be for them to use. There are some parts of the world and the United States where trapping certain animals is illegal because they are almost extinct. The most common animals that are trapped for food as raccoons, rabbits, and opossums.

Trapping For Pest Control

Another reason why some people might set up traps is to control the animals in certain areas. Many farms might have trouble with certain animals that are killing their livestock or their gardens. They will call the animal control service, who will set up a specific trap that will catch the animals. In some cases they might relocate the animals and in other cases they might kill it.

Types Of Traps

There are many different types of traps that people are able to use. Of course the most common that people will use are mouse traps. These can be purchased in stores and are easy enough to set up. Some of the more complicated ones are the coyote and beaver traps.

You need to make sure that any trap you with to use is safe and legal in your area. There are a number of trapping supplies that you could get that will make it easier for you to do.