Conibear Traps

The title, “conibear trap,” is confusing to some people not familiar with the trapping industry. When people think about a conibear trap they usually just image this is a trap used to catch a conibear, but there is no such thing as a conibear this is just a type of trap. The conibear trap is used to trap things like possums, and different large prey like coyotes and such.

This trap has only one thing on its mind, and that is to kill. The conibear trap is designed to kill when it traps something, so if your thinking about using this trap, make sure you keep your pets away from it, or they can end up dead.conibear-trap

Sometimes when people set up the conibear trap they don’t think about keeping their pets away from the trap, and may result in sometimes getting their pets caught in the trap. Say if you have a dog and if your dog gets caught in the conibear trap then you must act fast to get the dog out of the trap, because time is of the essence.

On the conibear trap there are springs on both ends of the trap that keep the trap closed once it is triggered and slammed shut on the animal. All you have to do is compress those springs back down so that the two levels can come back down and be reset. Just make sure that you lock the springs back down so that the trap doesn’t slam shut on you.

The conibear traps are not really that expensive either, and if your wanting to get rid of something for good then this trap is for you. All you have to do is go look at different local places around your area that sells traps and see if you can find the conibear trap. And if you cant then you can always go online, and purchase directly on the internet.