Duke Traps

duke-trapsWhen people see the name duke traps, sometimes people can be confused into thinking that this is a type of trap. But in reality the duke trap is a name brand of trap. The duke trapping company have been in business for many years now, and have become the number one brand of selling large game traps both nationally and internationally.

The duke company sells a very large variety of different large game traps, about a total of 30 different models of coil spring, long spring, and body gripping traps. These traps are made to handle large wild game populations, like bears, coyotes, and different large wild game. And in this article we will be going over just exactly what those are.

First off are the coil spring traps, these traps are foot-hold restraining devices that are designed to lock onto the targets foot, and hold the animal in place. These traps are made up of tightly compact spring, that also are available to be adjusted to release any amount of pressure you might want.

The duke company also offers the traps to be able to come in a more humane design as well. These traps can be custom fitted with rubber guards on the foot-hold so that it would be more humane for the animal.

Long spring traps however are almost exactly the same as the coil spring traps, the only major difference is that they have more power. And also they are made of tempered steel to be stronger as well. That leads us to the body gripping traps, which have become the number one trap recommended by federal wildlife agencies.

The body gripping trap grabs onto the fur of the running creature, and hold on, and locks onto the animals body. This is done without causes any harm to the animal, and all you have to do then is remove the animal, however you see fit.