Glue Traps

When you imagine a glue trap most people immediately think about the small little glue traps used to catch mice, and other small vermin in the home. But nowadays there are much bigger glue traps used to catch larger home invaders.glue-traps

The glue trap is actually a very simple concept, its just a large piece of plastic or metal, with a very strong adhesive poured into the object. All you do with the trap is set it out in the high traffic area’s of the vermin, and once it runs across the glue it will get stuck to it.

There is also another really good think about the glue trap. Once the vermin becomes entangled into the glue trap its natural instincts will kick in, and the vermin will begin to struggle. However, you dont have to worry one bit because the struggling that the creature is doing is only going to quicken the affect of the glue, and the animal will only become more entangled.

Although these traps are quite effective in trapping things like mice, and rats. They almost always result in a fatal catching of the creature, so if you dont want to kill the vermin I do not recommened the glue trap.

Another really great thing about the glue traps, is that that are very, very affordable. Glue traps for things like mice, and different small rodents will be in the range of about $3 to $4 for a pack of say 4 or 5.

If your wanting to trap larger rodents like big rats that also have bigger glue traps for those as well, but of course they will cost a little more. These traps are also very easy to find your local hardware, or supermarkets will most likely carry these traps for everyday at home use.