Minnow Traps

Minnow traps are becoming more, and more popular in the community of fisherman nowadays. And why is that, because most fisherman dont like to pay for there bait, so what do they do, they catch it themselves. Most minnow traps can be store bought are your local supermarkets, in the outdoor sections of the store.minnow-traps

Or also many local hardware stores, sell a variety of different traps you can purchase right at the store. Minnow traps are a great way to catch your fishing bait instead of having to go to the store, and purchase things like worms, and so forth.

Minnow traps are made in a variety of different ways, but one of the most common types of minnow traps in the cone trap, which is about to be explained. The cone minnow trap, which has become increasingly popular over the years, is the best trap for minnows out on the market right now. All the consumer has to do is place food inside of the trap, and then set it in the water.

The trap has a long cone like entrance for the tiny minnows to swim into once they smell the food inside. And once the little fish have swam inside it is almost impossible to get out. That is because the cone gets smaller, and smaller down into the trap, and the fish are not coordinated enough to swim back out of that small opening.

These traps are used by fisherman almost everywhere across the country, and for two reasons, for one it works. For the other reason, its because these types of traps are quite in-expensive.

A minnow trap like the one described above can be about, $10 to $15 total. And once you have this trap you won’t have to purchase bait anymore for those fishing trips.