Mole Traps

If you noticed that you are starting to have a mole problem in your backyard, or in your garden fields, or so forth then maybe it is time to go out and purchase yourseld a handy mole trap. Most mole traps are quite simple to use, and just like in the other articles, there are live traps, and also the death traps as well. Most people will go out and purchase the traps that are easiest to deal with, and the death traps have become more, and more popular.

When your trying to catch, or kill a mole its quite hard to determine where the mole is traveling at, because the mole spends most of their life underground. So you will have to do some landscapeing, and some research on your own property before you can successfully place the mole trap.mole-traps

When you find a active tunnel (which means the mole still travels through it), and if you are using the spear trap for the mole, then this is what you must do.

When you find the active tunnel, you must place the spear trap directly over the path of the tunnel, and then crank the spears back, and also then set the catch spring.

The catch spring on the trap is what pulls the whole thing together to make this trap a succesfull craftsmanship. Once the catch spring is locked all it takes is for the mole to travel back down the tunnel.

Once the catch spring is hit by the mole, the spears will fly down into the dirt and hopefully hit the mole, which will then take care of your mole problem. All you have to do then is repeat this for however many times you have to, until your mole problem is completely gone.