Mouse Traps

There are many different kinds of mouse traps out there nowadays for both indoor and outdoor use. Also there are many companies out there that create these wide assortments of different mouse traps. The number one company out there however as of right now is the Victor exterminator company. Mouse Traps

The Victor company has been in the mouse killing business for many, many years now and have become the number one leader in pest control, both for indoor and outdoor use. Just to add a little more to that the Victor company also offers a very large variety of different mouse traps as well.

There are many different traps out there, and here are some just to name a few. You have the snap traps which is the trap with a bar on one end, and then you have a lever on the other end. When the mouse triggers the level the bar snaps onto the mouses neck, or head almost always resulting in a lethal hit to the mouse.

You also have the mouse traps that work in a non-lethal manner for the people that dont want to harm the vermin just rid them from their home. You have the live traps, which are usually large cages, or snare type traps that will either entangle the mouse, or close a spring loaded door on them. These traps are becoming more, and more popular everyday because most people do not like killing the animals.

So in retrospect if your looking for a mouse trap it all depends on what kind you want. All of these mouse traps that I have went over in this article work with almost no fail whatsoever. So all you have to do is decide which type of mouse trap it is that you want to use, and then proceed from there. Either you want to kill the vermin and get rid of them that way, or you would like to just trap them alive and then throw them out that way, the choice is yours.