Pigeon Traps

When it comes to catching pigeons there are many different types of traps out there that people come to use to try, and catch these elusive animals. In this article here I will give you a little bit of information on the pigeon traps, and how you should go about trying to catch these animals.pigeon-traps

In most cases first you need to start of by pre-baiting the area that you are going to be placing the trap. The bait you should use is usually either bread, fig bars, or different types of grain, and seeds. You should pre-bait your desired trapping spot for about two to three days before you even introduce the trap into the area.

After your have pre-baited the area you can then introduce the trap where you have been laying the food down for the pigeons. Then you will need to lead a trail like from outside the trap to the inside, where most of the food should be placed.

After that on most pigeon traps there is a slanted type door in which it encourages the pigeons to keep moving forward. The pigeon will then keep moving forward into the trap, and the door will slam back down allowing no bird to escape the trap.

Also on most pigeon traps there is a easy easy side door to allow for the trapper to be able to easily get into the area where the pigeons have been trapped. All you have to do then is move the trapped pigeons to the desired location where you will be releasing them, and release them, problem solved.