Possum Traps

There are many different traps out there, as demonstrated in this blog. One popular and useful type of trap is the opossum trap, or possum traps. Possums are a nuisance animal found almost everywhere. I recall a “Far Side” cartoon where dinosaurs where laughing a possum. I guess the possums have had the last laugh.

Often people whom catch possums as nuisance animals have to then release the animal, most likely somewhere away from their home. This then causes the possum to be more cautious about traps, and if you then call in a professional it could potentially be harder for them to catch the animal, if it has been trapped before.possum-traps

Though, if you do want to try getting rid of the vermin on your own then here is a few tips on what you may want to do. For starters, opossums are scavengers, and they are omnivores – which means that they will eat almost anything. So if you put any type of food in the cage they will be attracted to it.

The possum traps are also going to, usually, be very big types of traps like the larger cage traps used to catch animals like cats. These traps are designed to automatically shut a metal door once the animal walks its way into the catch in search of some food.  These traps are also called “live traps.”

Once you have caught the opossum you can either release it somewhere far away from your land, or kill the animal if your the laws in your area allow that. In some municipalities it is illegal to kill the animal once you have caught it. All you can do then is release the animal far away hoping it doesn’t find its way back.