Rat Traps

When people think about rat traps they think about a huge trap designed to cater to the huge vermin, or huge sewer rats that you see on television. But in all honestly some rats are not all that big, and your own simple mouse traps can also come in handy when needing to catch a rat.rat-traps

Most rats go to dwell in homes for one reason, because of food. Rats, and mice are scavengers and they survive on food that has been left behind by other animals. Thus a human home would be the perfect place for a rat or mouse.

And why is that? Because how many times have you ate food at the dinner table and maybe accidentally dropped a crumb on the floor? If you have done that before well then thats why the rats love you, because you are feeding them, and thats why they are staying in your home.

There are a many of different types of traps for rats as well as mice. The most popular with rats are also the snap traps which almost always result in death for the rat.

But another type of trap that is also becoming more, and more popular are the glue traps. The glue traps are basically a sheet of strong adhesive that once the rat runs over it, then the rat will become stuck to it. Also as the rat trys to struggle and struggle to get out of the glue, it will only become more entangled into the glue, and thus make its death quicker.

You also have live traps, and electronic traps for rats as well. The electronic traps are good for catching more then just one rat. The electronic sensors in most traps like that tell the machine when to close the doors, and when to open them to let more rats in. The electronic traps can be more expensive, but well worth it.